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Why Convergence Point

What would your life, or your organization be like if you were equipped and empowered to discover and engage your full potential in three key areas?

1.  Your Authentic Passion
2.  Your Best Skills
3.  Your Opportunities to Address Real Needs and Solve Problems

Would you have more energy around work?  More pure fun?  More success? More real and sustained progress? More financial achievement and abundance? More opportunities to solve the real problems that exist around the world?

We believe this IS possible! And we’ve seen it take place personally and in the lives of hundreds of clients that include CEO’s, their teams, passionate entrepreneurs and students just reaching for their direction. “Convergence” happens when things come together into one common and extremely powerful point.  What was once scattered and dis-organized becomes focused and aligned.  What was once lacking in direction and drive becomes clear and centered on achievable goals and dreams.

We work with individuals, organizations and teams and we bring more than a decade of experience in this field, expert coaching, and a series of powerful and scientific tools that include assessments, our outstanding coaching curriculum programs, groups called “Hubs” and a network of others who can also help you achieve results and build a platform for life.

What would your life be like if YOU were to live in your convergence point?  You really can’t afford NOT to find out!

Here’s the link to the Convergence Point site: www.ConvergencePoint.Biz

For those wanting to fully integrate their convergence with their money.  Convergence Point Wealth Advisors offers a uniquely intentional financial planning,  investing and insurance experience to “Manage Your Money on Purpose”

Here’s the link to the Convergence Point site 

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