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How do you live passionately and intentionally while navigating the regular challenges of  life, leadership and making a living?  Is that even possible?  YES!  However, most of us never learned such intentional leadership skills at home, in school or in the typical training classes.  And the secret is out… most of us need regular input, encouragement and practical direction to live the purpose-filled lives we know we were born for.  SO FAR, much of the last segment of my life has been about learning how to lean into my own passion of  helping others receive what I didn’t for way too many years,especially in leadership. Practical wisdom and guidance to unlock passion and engage purpose-filled days… One day, one goal, one person, one moment at a time.

Having started and led organizations, written books, coached and consulted with some pretty amazing leaders over the years, I have come to believe that we all need some to be empowered.  No, not every day, but particularly some days.  And those days can make all the difference!  If I had known who to turn to and how to best maximize my gifts when I was in my teens, twenties or even thirties, I think I may have avoided some painful bumps and bruises along the way and succeeded more quickly.  I now get to coach others to get to the summit quicker and with the right resources, tools and people to help them.

All leaders, but particularly young leaders tend to need:

1. Growth Input:  Knowing how to authentically achieve success in personal and professional life on purpose, and not just hope it comes.

2. Clarity: Wise counsel to discover and engage direction that is tailor made… not just what one-size fits all advice.

3. Platform Guidance: The right tools and methods to share the message and build the organization,  team and clientele.

4. Accountability: The right people who create healthy feedback and and positive pressure to set the right goals and persist to achieve them.

This site and it’s resources exist to provide the tools to help and and empower you with all four. And I plan to invite some other friends in to share as well… even some from other parts of the world.

The time is NOW for a new generation of leaders to lead with passion, purpose and persistence. Today’s emerging leaders care more about doing things differently than they do getting by with the status quo. They value creativity, community and courageous living. They seek purposeful endeavors and meaningful impact.  If you resonate with that, you need the kind of education to make you a better leader and make you a better you.  You need those who invest in your growth and in your success.. because when you win, everyone one else wins as well.

So, you are not being selfish or foolish to invest in the education of you and your leadership.   You must gain the clarity and the confidence about WHO you really are and where you are going in the future.  If you are an emerging leader, you need these new forms of personalized education approached that equips you to:

    •  BE who you really are,
    •  DO what you do best
    •  LEAD in the place you were meant lead.

That’s what this site is all about.  I’d be thrilled if you came once in a while, or even signed up and followed it regularly.. commenting along the way.  So, let’s adventure together!

About Jeff Caliguire

I’m an author, speaker, leadJeffership and financial consultant and coach.  I  do what I do because I am passionate to see people achieve their real potential, particularly the emerging generation.  I  love coaching and mentoring leaders  who dream dreams and see the potential for positive change. The company I do that through is called Convergence Point.  I have degrees from Cornell University in Government, as well as a Masters in Theology from Dallas Theological Seminary.  I have had a diverse experience in both the non-profit sector as (president of a Operation Beacon Street) and continue to help people in the area of  investments and wealth planning through Smith Barney and now Convergence Point Wealth Advisors.   My personal dream involves creating inspiration, practical tools and and expert coaching  to catalyze and empower a new generation of leaders who will discover, engage their callings to change the world.  The fact that you’ve read this far may just mean that you are part of that in some way! Yes? 

I have been married for 26 years to incredible wife Mindy, and have three sons, Jeffrey, Jonathan, and Joshua who all lead confidently in their unique giftings.   My past times include hiking, skiing, working with kids, leading retreats, playing with my three rescued dogs (Harry, Scrappy and Barney) and serving as part of the Business as Mission leadership team.

I always LOVE to hear from you!   Feel free to e-mail me at Jeff.Caliguire@ConvergencePoint.Biz Or just sign up to receive the blogs automatically in your inbox when they come out.  You might also learn more about my coaching and consulting company, Convergence Point at ConvergencePoint.Biz or for a way to integrate your life and money, go to Convergence Point Wealth Advisors at

Here are some of the books and resources  available.

The Convergence: 7 Resolves to Release What You Were Born to Do

The Convergence inspires and equips readers seeking and willing to intentionally move from enduring their work to engaging a place of purpose and passion in what they do day to day.  In a world where the majority of people feel vocationally out of place, (Statistics say that as many as 80% feel like they don’t think they’re in the right spot) this book offers a roadmap on how to be part of a new generation of people to engage their own “convergence.”  The convergence involves moving to a place where you can be “being fully free to be who you are – doing what you were born to do – in the place you’re meant to do it.”

The book’s “seven resolves to release what you were born to do” offers a workable and valid journey for those proactively moving forward with clarity and confidence.  The benefits for those willing to embrace the resolves include *Your own authenticity *More energy *Restful productivity *Greater Joy  *Increased earning  potential  and * A clear purpose with a building legacy.

“I so resonate with the vision and practical wisdom found in this book! I’ve already shared it with my team and online network.”  Scott Olson, CEO and President, International Teams

“The longest journey in business and in life is usually from the head to the heart.   Reading this, you’ll discover The Convergence to be the bridge between the two.”    Robert Lyman CFP, President Sequoia Financial Network

“This tool, The Convergence, plays an integral role in assisting you in understanding how God has wired you and what He might want you to do with your wiring.” Andrew Williames, President, Chicago Executive Forum

“Jeff Caliguire writes in such as way as to invite you into your own place of discovery…about your life. I love books that not only are inspiring to read, but that lead to life change. This one does both. And it is one that when I feel stuck or discouraged in living out my dreams, I will refer to again and again.”  Linda Bryant, Endeavor Alumni & Author



Discover this step-by-step plan to match your strengths and interests with a career that will fulfill you for a lifetime. Shifting into Higher Gear creates a pathway to minimize the stress and confusion of seeking the right job.

“People who discover what they love and find ways to utilize their gifts and natural career strengths do all of us a favor. Tom Siciliano and Jeff Caliguire have created a great book and the tools to help you do just that. Read it and put these principles into practice.”Ken Blanchard, coauthor, The One Minute Manager

“This is a treasure map designed to point out what strengths are so perfectly buried inside you.”Peter Leffkowitz, CEO, Morgan Consulting Group, and trainer and national speaker to the recruiting industry

Leadership Secrets of Saint Paul by Jeff Caliguire

Discover the Secrets of a Man Who Helped Launch an Enterprise that Changed the History of the World! Maybe you are a person who is poised to embark on a new phase in life-but just unsure on how to get started. Or maybe you have been on the same journey for a number of years-and now need some renewal and fresh perspective.Perhaps it’s time to consider what some would think of as an unlikely starting place–an ancient text known as the Bible–you will discover anew the story of an entrepreneurial leader who magnificently succeeded.”

Jeff Caliguire’s Leadership Secrets of St. Paul is a thoughtful analysis of this important apostle’s life and the leadership principles he practiced in carrying our his great mission. This is an unusual and unique book full of interesting insights into timeless principles of leadership. It’s well worth reading.”Ralph Larsen Former Chairman & CEO, Johnson & Johnson
“The inspiration of the Apostle Paul has touched millions across history. Jeff Caliguire has done a wonderful job of drawing from Paul’s life to inspire great leaders, and indeed, the Bible reminds us that leaders are anointed by God and appointed for a task. The theme is critical, and the truths here are drawn from one who knew how to withstand great challenge and point to excellence not only in leadership, but moreover in life as well.” Dr. Ravi Zacharias

I heartily recommend Write For Your Soul to anyone for a fifteen-minute “pick-me-up”. The Caliguires have offered a “cup of cool water” to pilgrims in a hectic world. Drink it and take up your pen and apply it!Rev. Jim Layman, Northeast Regional Leadership Team, Campus Crusade for Christ

Write For Your Soul is not only a gift you can give to other people, it is a wonderful gift to give yourself. Journaling your spiritual pilgrimage through this life will provide you with benefits beyond expectations.Ken Blanchard, best-selling author on leadership and the spiritual life



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