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Are You Leading Learning… or Change?

October 11, 2013

ImageThere’s no lack of great teaching in this world.  However, there IS a lack of transformational change-providers.   A GREAT LACK!  There are few who have done the hard work to develop programs, opportunities and products that can change people forever.

Most teaching gets to the mind.  Change gets to the heart and to the deepest motivation.  There’s really a difference.  And in a world filled with VAST amounts of things to be learned, those that intentionally create ways, programs and environments to help people change will not lack for attendance or people who will pay for their services.

Learning is about satisfying curiosity……Changing is about satisfying thirst.

Learning is about sharing information…..Changing is about solving a real problem.

Learning is about seeking insight….. Changing is about addressing deep pain.

And as far as I can tell, people in this world are thirsty.  They thirst for things that are real and true and answer the larger front of the mind types of questions: Why am I here?  Who am I?  What can I do?  How can I be a success as me?

People are filled with real problems that need to be addressed:  They need ways to solve broken and hurting relationships.  They have problems with work they can’t stand.  They have problems making or keeping money. They have problems being at peace, or being healthy or being happy.

And they want out of pain.   Of course, those that cure physical pain and ailments will never lack.  But some of the harshest pain involves hopelessness.  Who will change that?   Other pain involves loneliness. Who will change that?  Other pain involves cycles of failure and disappointment.  Who will change that?

Other pains to consider that YOU might help change:

  • Needing to get out of debt
  • Needing to grow a business that’s struggling
  • Needing to meet the right person
  • Needing to stay married to the right person
  • Needing to organize the mess
  • Needing to lose the weight
  • Needing to get hired
  • Needing to get a promotion
  • Needing to find salvation
  • Needing to find peace of mind
  • Needing to beat an addiction
  • And many, many more.

You may be able to help because you get it.  You’ve been there.  You’ve beaten it.  AND most importantly, because you care!

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