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JeffHeadshot (2)Back in the late 90’s when most had never heard of life or executive coaching, I began  to investigate how this emerging  process could actually help transform a human being to become  best version of themselves… to engage a better lifestyle, to actually create and achieve their dreams and goals, and overcome the blind spots.  I had experienced the power of coaching as both a high school and college athlete, but quickly came to realize how trained coaching techniques could powerfully increase performance for a person AND allow them to do so with less anxiety and more peace of mind.  

Too many great people I knew were succeeding in some areas  but failing in other areas, which then harmed then in the others as well.   Most education wasn’t doing it.  Most corporate training wasn’t doing it.   Great coaching could benefit people ready for something different.  

After experiencing my own personal coaching for many years, participating in the Coach University program and now coaching professionally since 2001, I just don’t get tired of coaching!  I get to watch others come to life!  There’s nothing more personally rewarding for me than helping another human being get a vision for who they really are, unlock what’s holding them back,   then move into the absolute best version of them.  

Personal and Career Coaching:  This is for you if you 

  • Want to overcome what has you stuck
  • Remove self self defeating habits
  • Read to to move towards your best energy, calling or new endeavor. 
  • Change or reinvent parts of you that are not working. 
  • Change by engaging new work or going back to work after years away. 

Executive Coaching: This is for you if you

  • You lead a private company, non-profit or church’
  • Are an entrepreneur starting a new endeavor
  • Are a solo-professional ready to grow your practice and maximize your influence.
  • You are a communicator, author or coach seeking to build your platform. 

The Endeavor Program (utilized in retreats or over a more extended time period) 

“As a CEO, husband and father, Endeavor and Jeff Caliguire’s coaching integrated all parts of my life. It gave me the ability to really evaluate my dreams, gifts and skills…my mission; then gave me a written plan to move forward.” Joseph Slawek, CEO, FONA International
Imagine discovering the untapped resources that exist within you. Imagine drawing the best parts of you to the surface of your life. Consider living your days with energy, joy, and passion.  You do this by discovering and building upon the nuggets of gold that already exist within you and finding your specific path is at the heart of the Endeavor process.

The genesis of this life planning and coaching process resulted from a desire to equip people to focus their lives and businesses.  At the same time, such focus MUST incorporate their unique passions and potential into their leadership AND their daily lives.  Unlike typical programs that compare you to others, Jeff Caliguire and Ron Bryant created this process that equips you to discover AND engage your specific path.  Over almost a year of design, they created a process to help individuals and teams identify their own dreams and goals while simultaneously equipping them to turn them into a reality. Endeavor analyizes personal competencies and unleashes passions as a foundational part of this journey.

Endeavor Retreat (For individual, couple, leadership team) Get away to experience a full immersion in your Endeavor process for two days in a local setting or in a more secluded retreat setting.  You will prepare the DESIRES section prior to the retreat, then complete FOCUS while away. . Cost for travel and expenses is not included.   

Click to Register for Endeavor:

OR Call or E-mail with Costs and Questions: 224-232-7126 or

What Others are Saying
“I recommend the Endeavor Life Planning Program for anyone who is finally ready to commit to do the things they never thought they could do but always wanted to.” 
Dr. Jennifer Rockwood, Co-founder, Doctor’s Orders

“This program has helped me channel my desires and guide me in the direction I have been searching for.  I recommend this to everyone.  It will make a difference.  It really helped change my life.”    Tracy Bencal, Mother and Entrepreneur.

“Convergence Point’s Endeavor Program helped me develop a strategy to do what I was born to do. It helped give me direction and a concrete gameplan for my second half.”   Tom Okarma, Former CEO, Now Consultant with Non-Profit Boards and Leaders.

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