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The 2 Biblical Words that Can Change Us Every Day

October 29, 2013

Rio Grande National Forest, ColoradoWhat would you to today if you didn’t have fear?

I’m not talking about legitimate fear: fear that keeps you from jumping off tall buildings without a parachute, or pretending you have a gun in the security line O’Hare or fear of arrest and accident that keeps you from driving while drunk….  That’s the real healthy fear that keeps us alive, out of real trouble and out of the Darwin Awards.

Instead, what if TODAY you didn’t fear…

  • Sharing your real thoughts
  • Speaking publicly
  • Starting the project (or company!)  that you know will propel you forward
  • Sending a letter asking for the opportunity in another city
  • Selling your product to those who need it
  • Showing affection to someone you care deeply about
  • Standing apart from the crowd who has accepted the status quo
  • Showing little concern that you reject me or think this blog is dumb.

Or this little one:  What if we just didn’t fear BEING REJECTED?

What if I wasn’t afraid?  What if you weren’t afraid.

I write this as one who hates that I let fear win so many days!  I hate that fear has soured relationships and ruined potential.  And it took me a long time to realize that I have spent vast quantities of time really fearing – success.  That’s right!  It wasn’t until someone I respect pointed it out that if I succeeded I would no longer have a fallback and excuse that looked for sympathy.  If I succeed, I might then be responsible for what I have created in the world.

As a writer and entrepreneur, I resonate with Steven Pressfield’s words in his book Turning Pro: “I was terrified of sitting down at the Smith-Corona (typewriter) and trying to write something, and ashamed of myself because I knew I was terrified, but I was still too scared to act…. Everything I was doing in my outer life was a consequence and an expression of that terror and that shame.” 

Just Two Biblical words speak to those of us letting fear in the door of our minds: ” FEAR NOT.”  Also translated, “Do not be afraid” Or “Be not afraid.”    Imagine if we were just to pick those two or three simple words out of the whole Bible… and just do those!  Just let them into our minds, hearts and souls?   How much would our lives be different?  How much freer, kinder, gentler,  relaxed, less anxious, more successful, and definitely more vibrant and healthy would we be?  Just those two itsy bitsy words??

365 times the Bible uses this two-word :Fear not” concept” in one form or another.  One “FEAR NOT” for every day of the year? You know when someone you respect tells you something over and over and over again: this must really matter!   Knowing that fear would keep good people from doing all kinds of good things…. and good people instead making all kinds of bad choice, God wisely repeats: Be not afraid.  Fear not.  And even better: “Fear not, I am with you!”

When I get afraid I have all kinds of ways of hiding… and I hate to admit that below this fear lurks as the root cause.

  • I blame others.  (If only you …. then I!)
  • I eat carbs and sweets (my meds of choice)
  • I avoid my real work…. sometimes run away!
  • I surf social media.
  • I check my smart phone obsessively.
  • I look to you to tell me if I’m OK.  (Did you like my post?  Why do I care??!)

Instead, I know that I were to “fear not” I might actually even respect me a whole lot more!  And I might add more good things to your life too!

The learning to fear not is my own journey of recognizing that I have a choice.  To fear or not to fear.  Fear.  Or Fear NOT.

So, what if TODAY, I just this time take those Biblical words to heart:  I FEAR NOT.  What will I do this day?

What if TODAY, YOU too take those Biblical words to heart.  DO NOT BE AFRAID.  What will you do now?

Hmmmm.. could be awesome!!

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  1. October 30, 2013 3:23 am

    Jeff…your message about “Fear Not” was very timely. Thanks so much for your transparency and encouragement! =)

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